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Music and using the internet and SEO to win

The Internet

So you want something to get seen by millions of people, we all do. In our music career we have seen all sorts of crazy promotions by different performers. Whethers it’s selling cds outside after their shows, or commenting to their fans on social media sites like facebook. There are many different approaches, but the first is always to figure out exactly what you’re looking to accomplish. Being super specific with what you are trying to accomplish is always the key to getting it all done. I see a lot of people just searching for random ways to get their idea, content, video etc to go viral. The problem is, they don’t plan. If you were going to go on a trip to los angeles, would it make sense to get a map? Or just wander around randomly until you find it? Well, good luck with wandering around. The likely hood of you find your destination is nearly impossible.

leveraging Internet Marketing

So let’s say that we have our niche. We are targeting 20+ year old fans of the walking dead to do a concert promotion or to invite them to join our youtube page. Using facebook to get these leads is a fantastic tool, becuase you can target that exact niche. The problem is, it will cost you. This is why I like doing something called search engine optimization. It allows you to get your content into search engines for free. So do you have a new music video? Get it up on youtube for free! Millions and millions of people are already looking for music to listen to. All you have to do is get it in front of them. Now it is definetly not that easy. I first used a Philadelphia SEO company to help. It is difficult figuring the in’s and outs of what your doing at the beginning. Always leverage help, it saves time and allows you to do a better job overall.

Out performing the music industry

Back in the day, the music industry had all the power. They had millions of dollars and ruled how people were able to consume music. Well, thanks to the internet we are now able to out compete them. They move slow, and are stuck using outdated methods that no longer work. It is the classic story of David and Golitah. The music industry has become so big that it can’t just change what it was doing. There are too many parts inside to deal with. These parts are people, who are not just afraid of change, but they do not truly understand the power of Internet Marketing

The little guy has all the power now

Every day we see new stars just pop up and go viral. It’s very possible, but the reason why it does not happen is because it takes real dedication to your craft. That’s the next idea. Be great at something. If you suddenly are able to get one hundred thousand people to see your music, will it be good enough for them to want more? If they leave, then you’ve wasted the opportunity. So, get great. You can’t just be avergage. Look at how many ok singers go to music auditions like American Idol or The Voice. How many of them can you remember? I can’t think of one. Yet they were in front of millions of people who were watching them. Using the internet is the same thing. You need to not only market, but you need be amazing so that people will remember who you are, and want to hunt you down for your next record.

So, again to reiterate. Use marketing tools like facebook, instagram, SEO and always be on the look out for new methods to stay on top. Leverage your power with proffesionals, I used raisethebarseoconsulting and was able to skyrocket my skillset. Always make sure you grind. Each and every day, keep practicing and try to learn new ways to improve your specific niche. It takes time to get to mastery. Do not give up. Find a friend or network with other people who are looking to accomplish exactly what you’re trying to do to. It’s incredible how the power of working with others can do for you. Going at it alone, is not always the best approach for getting your idea in front of millions. Use the internet, and you’ll get where you want to go, just keep going!

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